Academ-ED has two up and running ‘Affiliate’ programs, one is the ordinary ‘Affiliate program’ and the other is the special ‘Academate program’.

Affiliate Program.

This is available for any person or an organization who wishes to be an affiliate with Academ-ED. A generous commission structure has been approved for promoting, selling or marketing Academ-ED products. Further information is available here.

Academate Program

Academate program is a very special scheme designed exclusively for Academ-ED stakeholders (Past & present Students, Staff, Associates and Faculty). It is a program which provides attractive incomes for the stakeholders and is functional infinitely until one desires to be opt out. Details of the program is provided only when an individual becomes a stakeholder of Academ-ED by enrolling into a course/program, or becoming a member of the staff or the faculty, or an associate. Academate program is the way how Academ-ED show gratitude for the trust placed on it by its stakeholders.