Academ-ED requires a vast number of Academics, Guides, Instructors, Technical Writers, Course Assistants
and other positions due to ever increasing number of course participants. Once selected into Academ-ED, the
employees will benefit both monetarily and otherwise. The employment is life-long as long as one select to
stay with Academ-ED and almost all are based in their own resident countries. Monetary packages are to be
agreed between the employee and Academ-ED on mutual acceptance. Other benefits include; health
insurance, house allowance, internet allowance and others which are to be decided during the offer
acceptance stage.
There are 2 paths available to join Academ-ED according to the professional status of candidates, as described

Path A: For individuals with less experience or freshers

Enroll into any Course in Academ-ED and acquire prescribed score level. On receiving the Academ-ED
certificate, s/he can apply to Academ-ED into the academic/training staff within his/her Academ-ED qualified
Course field as described below.

  1. Any course participant who accumulates an average score of 90% or above, in a course will be entitled
    to be registered as an academic with Academ-ED.
  2. As an Academic, he/she will get the opportunity to be employed in the organization as a Junior
    Instructor, Junior Course Administrator, Junior Course writer, Junior Test compiler or other and earn a
    remuneration package discussed and mutually accepted by Academ-ED and the candidate. The
    packages are normally based on international standard levels.
  3. Students whose average scores are below 90% but above 80% will be eligible to apply after obtaining a
    certificate for a second Course in Academ-ED.
  4. The employment in Academ-ED will be life-long as long as s/he maintains his/her professional integrity.
  5. A person will climb on hierarchy in the Academic Board as seniors, as s/he acquires further experience,
    qualifications and knowledge in his/her profession with increased remuneration packages.
Path B: Those who do not posses an Academ-ED certificate

Persons who are qualified with a recognized degree and have more than 20 years professional experience can join Academ-ED. His/her starting point will be decided by Academ-ED board of Academics based on experience, positions held, organizations of employment, qualifications, published papers, presentations, research involvement and other.

Interested and eligible persons under both the paths are invited to submit an updated CV including a color
photograph to,