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Academic Standards / Course Material

Q: How Academ-ED maintains the modernity of its course material?
A: Dedicated members of Academ-ED’s staFF keep vigilant eye on latest developments of the subjects in all parts of the world. The moment such developments occur, the Academic staFF incorporate them into the relevant courses after a thorough study on the development.

Q: How Academ-ED maintains the standards of its courses/programs?
A1: Academ-ED’s academic staff are distributed throughout the world and consists of experienced personnel in each provided subject field. It is the duty of them to furnish the courses with the relevant material, information and practical situations pertaining to each subject area. Such material are reviewed by appointed senior academics prior to accommodating into courses.
A2: Academ-ED regularly observes the courses / programs offered elsewhere and ensures that its course material are the most advanced, latest and up-to-date among all available courses.